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Where Can I Teach English Overseas Without A Degree?

The qualification required to teach English as a second language, vary from country to country and are occasionally updated or changed. Not all countries require TEFL teachers to be university qualified. There are many opportunities to teach English as a second language without a tertiary degree. studying for a TEFL Certificate and COMPLETING it  SHOULD . be your first step towards a non-teaching position Degree You CAN begin your Journey here : TEFL course . Gaining experience as a TEFL Teacher is an Immense boost to any persons professional Career and Personal Growth.

Why Teach English in China?

China is an awakening dragon. As such it has become the single biggest destination for TEFL teachers. Since critical reforms were made in the 1980s China has slowly become a more open and welcoming destination to foreign ideas and teachers. China's recent economic history is well known to many, large consistent growth in GDP and improved living standards for all. Part of China's transformation has been the prioritisation of learning English. English is a critical component of Education in China. Chinese students are famed for their dedication and single-minded focus on passing examinations. These examinations include critical English examinations as part of their university entrance and graduation exams.

English is mandatory at all levels of education. In 2015 over eight-million students took part in 'GaoKao' (China's nation-wide university entrance examination), all of which needed to successfully complete an English language section. China places absolute value on education , family honour, personal dreams and a student's very future can all be determined in a single examination. The demand for TEFL Certified English as a second language teachers is unfathomable and insatiable. China's goal is to use the English language and TEFL Certified English as a second language teachers to improve economic integration and transition into the world economy.

The cost of living in China is low and very reasonable even on a modest salary, First tier metropoli such as Shanghai and Beijing, are relatively expensive compared to lower tiered cities such as the central hub of Wuhan and Historic capital Xi'an. However because of the demand for TEFL Certified English as a second language teachers living in any city in China as a TEFL teacher is essentially carefree. In tier one cities, English Teachers can command starting salaries of 13,000 yuan per month, more than triple the average salary of a regular resident of Shanghai, China's wealthiest city. While salaries in tier two cities, such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin and others may be lower, the cost of living in these cities is also much lower with a considerable reduction in the cost of renting . Most contracts will also offer very attractive packages such as:. free accommodation, paid flights and generous holidays Not to mention the incredible experience and skills-building that a TEFL teacher will be able to use in any future career.

Why Teach English in Ecuador?

Ecuador on the North-western coast of South America is another popular destination for TEFL teachers without degrees. Having adopted the US dollar as its currency back in 2000, teaching English in Ecuador offers relative protection from currency shocks, so when you decide to go home or take your experience on a new adventure you do not have to worry about your savings becoming instantly worthless or difficult to exchange for other currencies.

Ecuador is a Spanish-speaking nation and can be a great place to build your Spanish skills for further travels in South America and other Spanish speaking areas. As in many developing countries, English language skills are seen as a way to further ones career and as such TEFL teachers are in high demand. So much so, that many teachers will offer private tutoring in addition to their daily classes as a lucrative means of supplementing their income.

Why Teach English in Europe?

Teaching English as a second language is simple for Holders of an EU Passport. Those less fortunate will have to comply with their respective nations visa requirements. Recent years have seen many young university graduates take up English teaching jobs in popular destinations in Western Europe such as  Spain and Portugal, competition is fierce. Though these countries offer a certified TEFL teacher great Chances for lifestyle and teaching English as a second language, it is also worth considering the Czech Republic and the Former Eastern European Nations. Hungary, Poland and Central / Eastern Europe offers a lower cost of living, great social / night life and travel opportunities well worth considering.

Be Careful!

The TEFL industry as any industry has its sharks. Young people, travelling abroad for the first time can be duped or tricked by experienced operators. Precaution and awareness are your only impenetrable defence. Ensure you research the correct working visa for your intended job and have a Well Understood Agreement in place,  before  you Travel . Be wary of a job Which offers you only a Tourist Visa, this SHOULD be a Red-Flag. infractions of Immigration and Labour Laws in Foreign Countries where Communication  is the word 'CAN be a Scary experience .  Remember through, for every Bad Story there are WE Thousands of great ones That Never Hear about. Just be Careful, Use common Sense and you Will be Fine.

Why Get TEFL Qualified?

Becoming a TEFL Certified Teacher is the most important first step in a TEFL career Your TEFL Certification will allow you to.: 

  • Present yourself as a qualified teacher to employers,
  • Meet Government Visa Requirements,
  • Establish yourself as a credible, professional teacher to your students,
  • Learn how best to teach modern TEFL courses,
  • Contextualise your initiate knowledge of your native language

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What Qualifications Do I Need To Sit The TEFL Certificate?
None. The TEFL Certificate exam is Open for anyone to sit, regardless of age, or Past experience Education Level. A Native Level of English is expected though, so if English is not your first language or you are not confident in your ability, you may want to consider raising your English skills before beginning the TEFL certificate program.

If you have Previous experience teaching English as Second Language, TEFL Consider our FAST TRACK P rogram. Which Will Help you Certify your current Skills, Knowledge and understandings.


If you are interested in international English teaching as a career or as part of volunteer work, Our 120 hour Free Online TEFL Course give you the skills you need to get you into the field and making a difference.

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Should I Teach English in China?

China is a land of opportunity. Insatiable demand for TEFL Certified English as a second language teachers coupled with unstoppable economic growth means China is an ideal destination for TEFL Teaching.

Good schools require both a TEFL Certificate and a 'Z' working visa. Schools generally (but not always) sponsor the visa as part of the contract, making the process very simple. TEFL teaching in China can be carefree, with regards to income. In tier-one cities, English Teachers can command starting salaries of 13,000 yuan per month, more than triple the average salary of a regular resident of Shanghai, China's wealthiest city. While salaries in tier two-cities, such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin and others may be lower, the cost of living in these cities is also much lower with a considerable reduction in the cost of renting Most Contracts will also offer very attractive packages such as: free accommodation, paid flights and generous holidays.

China is a rapidly developing country where 5,000 years of history and culture are colliding with break-neck modernisation, market transformation and growth. China is now an exciting destination TEFL teaching. Teaching English in China will give you a front row seat to one of the most important development stories of this century.

Consider Your First Step To China

When Will I Receive My TEFL Certificate?

Once you have successfully Completed your TEFL Certificate Examination.
Your Examination Will Automatically be graded and subsequently Reviewed by an Experienced TEFL professional.

Your E-TEFL Certificate SHOULD be in your inbox Within 48-Hours.

We think that's pretty good.

What is TEFL?
TEFL Stands for:
T each
E nglish as a
F oreign
L anguage

As an acronym, TEFL is often used to refer to the career of teaching English internationally. It is also used to refer to the TEFL certificate, which accredits international English teachers and the TEFL course which trains people on how to teach English as a foreign language .

A career in TEFL is an exciting, rewarding way to travel the world, meet new people and have a lasting impact on lives and communities. If you're interested in becoming an international English teacher, the first step is taking a TEFL course and gaining your TEFL certificate so you can apply to schools as a fully qualified TEFL teacher.

Find the course that's right for you

Online vs Onsite TEFL courses - which is better?

This is a central question of the TEFL industry. As a prospective TEFL student you are confronted by a myriad of choices and prices. This can seem overwhelming, especially with the huge variations in cost and quality. How exactly does one sort the, wheat from the chaff, Professionals from Charlatans?
This Article from the Guardian (UK newspaper) Gives a good TEFL Starting Point for Aspiring Students, discussing Various Options.

We assure the quality of our courses in four every simple ways:

  • By being at the forefront of the Modern TEFL Teaching Profession,
  • Providing recognised qualifications, with which candidates may obtain required working visas, subject to current policy,
  • By synthesising and modernising material from within the established TEFL industry,
  • By passing on decades of experience acquired within the TEFL profession.

In short, the proof is in the pudding.

Our TEFL Certificate Enables you to get a Working Visas and Teach Abroad.

Online learning suits the modern lifestyle, however there are drawbacks. Not being able to practice your skills in a classroom environment is certainly one. However as any one who has been tricked into pay through the nose for a week long sham of a course. These often bear no resemblance to the actual reality of a classroom Nothing, not even the costliest course can prepare you for the moment;. thousands of kilometers away from home, in a classroom of students whom are struggling to understand you, where everything goes wrong and all you can do is laugh or cry (Always choose to laugh!).

Theory, practice, skills & professional development are you best and only true option. Role-plays with other students reflect very poorly to a true classroom environment. We believe that education is the right of every human being, to deny that is to deny our very nature. We aim to make the English language teacher training and TEFL certificate process as simple and accessible as possible. We believe a world where people can communicate, learn, and exchange ideas and culture together is a better one. Do not waste your time and money on needless courses and seminars, everything you need to begin your journey is right here.

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